Logback-Audit is designed for logging events which have long-term business significance. Logback-audit is open-source software based on logback-core.

As this time, logback-audit consists of three modules audit-common, audit-client and audit-server.

The audit-common module, as the name suggests, defines the classes shared between the audit-client and audit-server modules. The audit-server module defines the classes which are needed by the server side. Similarly, the audit-client mode defines the classes which are needed for the client-side

At this time logback-audit can be deployed in client-server mode. We intend to support client-only mode in the near future.

Client-server mode

In this mode, multiple client applications log audit events by sending messages over the network to the audit-server. The audit-server persists each audit event onto a database. Thus, the the said applications can be deployed on hosts different then the host running the audit-server. The database storing the audit message can be on a different host as well.

client-server mode

Client-only mode

In client-only mode, the client logs audit events directly on the database. There is no audit server involved. This mode will be available in the near future.